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Information on PTFitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes

By Sarka-Jonae Miller

PTFitness recumbent exercise bikes are stationary exercise bikes with a full seat and seat rest. The difference between a stationary recumbent and an upright bike is that you sit upright on an upright and you can recline on a recumbent. You can use a PTFitness recumbent for weight loss, overall health or to tone your legs.

Adjusting the Bike

Before you use the bike, you need to adjust it for the length of your leg. Sit on the chair and relax back in the seat. Put both feet on the foot pedals and extend your right leg. You should be able to almost fully extend your leg, but you do not want to be able to extend it completely because you will risk hyperextending your knee joint while pedaling. Adjust the seat by sliding it forward or backward if you cannot extend your leg to the correct length. The release lever is on the bottom right hand side of the seat.

Weight Loss

Any type of movement will burn calories and help you lose weight. The advantages of the PTFitness recumbent bike are that it has a wider seat than other bikes, it does not stress the lower back, hips, or ankles like walking might for an overweight individual and it can be used in your home. Use the Quickstart button on the display to get going. Use the buttons on the display to adjust your resistance level to find one that is comfortable. Start with cycling ten minutes at a time throughout the day, making sure to reach 30 minutes at a minimum.

Muscles Worked

The recumbent bike works the muscles of the legs and core, mainly the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and calves. The recumbent provides lower back support while you exercise, so there is less chance of an injury. The recumbent bike is also a great way to build strength in the legs while you also do lower back exercises on the floor to prepare you for weight training if you are looking to increase your muscle size.

Cardio Fitness Improvement

The PTFitness bike's HR Fitness program is good to use if you are looking to increase the strength of your cardio-respiratory system, meaning your heart and lungs. A strong heart means a more efficient heart. With consistent exercise, you can lower your body's resting heart rate, which is an indication of good overall health. You can take your pulse first thing in the morning before you get up to find your resting heart rate. Take your pulse every four weeks that you use the bike and see if your resting heart rate goes down.


PTFitness recumbent bikes are priced around $200 in 2009. They have eight levels of resistance and pulse monitors in the handles to tell you your heart rate. There is a weight limit of 220 lbs. Bikes come with a one-year warranty.

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