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Indy Car Facts

By Linda Moffitt

Indy cars are an open-wheel car that races in the 500-mile race called the Indianapolis 500. Once called Championship Cars, the name Indy is a popular term tied to the Indianapolis car race.

Fuel Tank

An Indy car's fuel tank holds 40 gallons and must have a fuel efficiency of 108 miles per gallon.


Since 1964, Indy cars do not run on gasoline but instead use a wood-based alcohol called methanol. Indy cars use methanol for safety reasons--it is not an explosive gasoline.


The wheels on Indy cars are 15 inches in diameter and 10 to 14 inches in width.


When racing, each Indy car is allowed 28 tires for a 200-mile race and 60 tires for a 500-mile race.

Fun Fact

If you put an Indy car engine in a riding lawn mower, you could cut a half-acre lawn in 5 1/2 seconds.


Carbon filter, aluminum or a combination of both make up the Indy car chassis for maximum protection of the driver.

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