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How to Indian Wrestle

By Chris Sherwood

Indian wrestling is a tradition passed down as a fun and competitive sport for everyone. Whether it is in college dorm rooms or on a family camping trip, you can find and participate in Indian Wrestling everywhere you go. Why not try an Indian Wrestling competition for your next family get together or college bonding experience?

Both contestants must lay on the floor. Each contestant is required to lay on the floor with their hips even with one another, but each player laying in the opposite direction.

Next, each player raises their legs up in the air three times with their leg at a ninety degree angle to their body. Each time their leg reaches the top they count, 1, 2, 3 and then yell "go!"

The two contestants must lock legs at the knee and push forward with all their strength trying to flip the other contestant backward.

Once one contestant has completely flipped the other player over the game is over and the winner is declared. Continue the process until only one person remains.

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