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How to Impress a Soccer Coach

By Alexander Grouch

The skills needed to impress a soccer coach vary based on factors such as age. Nonetheless, a player should exhibit certain fundamentals regardless of her overall skill level. Like other coaches, soccer coaches will expect you to execute drills in practice and the game plan during a match. However, competence alone may not make you stand out. The best way to impress your soccer coach is to display a passion for the game, respect for your teammates and a "no-quit" spirit on the field.

Practice and Preparation

Practice drills at home and/or with a teammate to ensure that you know what to do during the formal practice. If you aren't sure which drills you should focus on most, ask your coach for some advice. Your coach will appreciate that you made the proactive effort to improve.

Run through official team practices with the same intensity that you would play a game. Coaches typically do not like players who take practice lightly and then expect to play many minutes in actual games.

Trust your teammates and pass them the ball when open. Coaches take notice of players who make players around them better through selfless play. This does not mean you should never try to score, but you should always think about how you can help your team the most.

Discuss your goals with your coach. Coaches tend to pay attention to players who care deeply about the game and wish to improve.

Avoid any over-the-top antics during practice or games. Do not "showboat" as you dribble or shoot. Coaches will not think any better of you as a player, especially if you aren't able to complete the ball tricks.

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