Ideas for Team Spirit Treats

By Laurie Carpenter

Whether you are boosting team spirit on the athletic court or field or building enthusiasm in the work place, treats and sweets succeed in bringing a smile, instilling happiness and facilitating an attitude that inspires and motivates. Get creative and add motivational phrases to the treats. Select small items. They need not be expensive; a simple reminder to be and do your best will suffice.


Popular candy bars can be combined with a clever motivational saying to bring a smile and inspire.

Distribute plastic or chocolate eggs to which you've attached the phrase: “Go the egg-stra mile.”

Wrap a $100,000 Candy Bar with a notepaper that says, “You’re worth a lot to us.”

Fill a plastic sandwich bag with cinnamon Red Hots and tie with a ribbon laced through a slip of paper exclaiming, “You’re on fire.”

Buy large Tootsie Rolls and wrap them with a paper saying, “Roll the competition.”

Package licorice whips and add the phrase, “Whipping up enthusiasm.”

Attach a slip of paper to the stick of a Blow Pop with the saying, “Blow away the competition”; or attach a slip of paper to a lollipop saying, “Lick the competition.”


Popular bagged or bar treats with special sayings attached are easy to create and will provide inspiration. A bag of chips can be the basis for the phrase “Chip away at the competition.”

Power Bars can be captioned with “You’ve got the power to succeed.”

Buy trail mix and attach the phrase, “Blaze a trail for the team.”

Take single-serve cereal boxes and get creative by turning the brand's slogan into an affirmation; write “Snap, crackle and pop to the top” or “You’re G-R-R-R-E-A-T.”

Novelty Items

Purchase pencils and have them embossed or attach a slip of paper to each with a saying such as: “Pencil in a win”; “Write history with a W-I-N”; or “Make your mark in history.”

Pass out small bottles of bubbles with a phrase attached such as: “Blow away the competition”; “Make it a cause for celebration” or “Burst their bubble.”

Purchase shoelaces monogrammed with the team or company name and attach a note that says: “Tie-up the competition.”

To small novelty toys, like spinning tops, attach a note that says “We think you’re tops.”

Assemble small sandwich bags of glitter and sequins in school colors and add the phrase “Sparkle and shine.”


About the Author

A 35-year child care specialist, Laurie Carpenter’s first writing involved scripts for a national award-winning cable program on child care issues. From cradle to grave, she worked for a historical cemetery, handling public relations and historical pieces for newspaper publication. Working towards her master’s degree in education, Carpenter also completed a certificate of journalism program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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