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Ideas for Making Cheerleading Signs for Football

By Jennifer Eblin

One of the biggest jobs for a cheerleading squad is to motivate the players. Once football season starts, the cheerleaders focus on keeping the players happy and increasing school spirit, both in school and on the field. Using signs is just one way for the squad to show the team that they care. These football signs are used during games, pep rallies and around the school to get students excited about the next game.

Locker Mirrors

Locker mirrors are something almost every teenager needs. The backs of the mirrors are magnetized or have small magnets, which let the students hang the mirrors inside their lockers. You can find inexpensive versions at discount stores and dollar stores. Personalize the mirrors for football players, with scrapbooking decals and stickers. Simply peel off the stickers or decals and arrange them directly on the face of the mirror. You’ll also find scrapbooking paper with an adhesive backing that works with your computer printer. Design a logo featuring the name of the team, the team mascot or the name of each player. Print off your finished design, trim off the excess and then peel off the backing before adding it to the mirror.

Breakthrough Signs

Breakthrough signs are meant to be temporary because the signs are destroyed every time they’re used. These are the larger signs, often used during pep rallies or before the games. The players run through the signs, breaking the paper. For your football team, design the poster around the team mascot. Draw a life-size version of the mascot on the paper, placing a football in the mascot’s hand or paw. Write the names of the players and their numbers around the sides of the poster and add the name of the school on the top.

Candy Sheets

Make fun football signs from old sheets or inexpensive sheets and full-size candy bars. Paint on the name of the team in the center of the sheet and arrange the player names and numbers around the school name. Glue the candy bars onto the edges of the sheet and alternate phrases and slogans in between the candy bars. Use slogans that relate to the type of candy you use. For example, use “Blow Their Bubble” with bubblegum or “Crunch Them” next to a Crunch candy bar. Let the players have the candy bars before the next game and replace the candy every week.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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