Ideas for Homecoming Parade Jungle Floats

By Trisha Dawe

Deciding on a jungle theme for your homecoming parade float is a festive means to celebrate school spirit. Large amounts of faux greenery and animals -- stuffed or created -- will be a staple in your float. Take your parade spectators on a safari when they watch the school representatives atop your mobile creation.

Tarzan and Jane

A depiction of the Edgar Rice Burroughs story of Tarzan and Jane will wow your spectators at the homecoming parade. A boy and girl dressed like the infamous jungle couple surrounded by large leafy trees and vines will bring your float to life. Paint glue onto a tube-shaped piece of chicken-wire, stuff brown tissue paper circles into each hole to create a tree trunk and cut palm tree leaves from green felt. Lightly stitch medium-gauge craft or floral wire in the center of each part of the palm leaf for durability against the elements. Vines can be made by wrapping and gluing green ribbon, floral wrap or crepe paper and fake floral leaves around an old tug-of-war rope. Add a large stuffed gorilla to your decorated flat-bed trailer, and you've got a parade float to remember.

Jungle Animal Mascot

You are one step ahead when the school mascot is already a jungle animal. Tigers, lions and panthers are a few of the applicable mascots. Cover the floor of the float trailer with floral sheeting easily found on parade float supply websites and include a variety of over-sized tropical house plants. Showcase your school pride by having a member of the homecoming court crown the mascot as king of the jungle by or encouraging him to greet parade-goers alongside the moving masterpiece. "Welcome to the Jungle" is an applicable float slogan to display during the festivities.

King and Queen of the Jungle

Honor your homecoming court by letting them rule over the jungle. Over-sized thrones decorated in fake floral vines, artificial greenery and large fake gems will set the scene for the soon-to-be-named king and queen of the jungle float. Members of the student body may dress as their servants or carry the contestants on the street on separate sedan chairs while the float carries additional students or school faculty dressed as jungle animals.

Jungle Paradise

Include play sand from your family sandbox, homemade or live palm trees, fake floral greenery and jungle ambient noise while floating down the street in your homecoming parade. Add a toy monkey swinging from side to side on a giraffe's neck and a stuffed lion with her cubs. The giraffe will be constructed by bending and twisting heavy gauge sculpting wire in the shape of the animal, affixing chicken netting and covering with papier mache. Paint the giraffe with yellow and brown paint when completely dry. A jungle paradise is just the setting to congratulate the court.

Jungle Safari

Participating homecoming court members will wear safari hats, tan shorts and beige button-down shirts adorned with binoculars and pick axes searching for big game animals. Construct a smaller-scaled replica of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's largest mountain, from a frame made of thin wood molding covered in chicken wire and decorated with circles of tissue paper glued into each hole. Don't forget to include the variety of wilderness you'd find among Africa's national parks and wildlife reserves such as palm trees, vines, sand and faux boulders. Parade float slogan ideas include "Lions are on the Hunt," "Tame those Panthers," and "Hunting Down a Victory."

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