Ideas to Mark Titleist Golf Balls With Art Sharpies

By Charmiane Wilson

Marking golf balls is a practice that even the most talented golfers can benefit from. For more expensive balls like the Titleist brand, having a special symbol or marking can eliminate confusion on the golf course. Marking your ball can also signify to your children which balls are acceptable to play with, and which are your expensive models that should be avoided.

Choose Your Sharpie

Visit an art store or office supply store that is likely to have a wider selection of Sharpie markers. Although Sharpie markets its full line of pens and markers as being water-resistant and permanent, you want to be able to choose from a wide selection of colors and tip thicknesses. Colors are more likely to stand out than standard black.

Marking with Words

Using words to mark your Titleists can be unique but difficult. The shape and lack of space golf balls present can make writing on them difficult. If you choose a brief word or phrase, however, this can be a good uncommon marking. If you have a child or loved one with an original name, a short catch phrase that you are known for, or a word in a foreign language that you are familiar with -- all of these make personal markings, which help you find your golf ball more easily.

Non-Word Markings

Several golf stores sell stencils that can be used to place pictures and symbols on your golf balls. When using a stencil, realize the probability that someone else may have purchased the same design, rendering your choice less common. Placing designs, initials or even colorful dots around the design will make it more personalized. In the same way you use a stencil, you can use hand-crafted drawings, symbols or numbers with personal touches to mark your golf balls.

Other Options

Titleist offers customized imprinting for golf balls. Much like a hand-drawn design, these can consist of words or symbols. Depending on the unconventional nature of the professional stamp, you may still need to enhance and adorn it with your Sharpie marker for a personal touch to have your golf ball stand out.

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