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Ideas on Displaying a Jersey in a Shadow Box

By Christina Martinez

Your favorite jersey does not fit you anymore and you want to display it somehow. Whether it's a professional athlete jersey or something you wore in Little league, put it in a shadow box so that you can display it properly. Putting a jersey in a shadow box can also give you room to display other items with the jersey.

With Pictures

Find pictures of the athlete wearing the jersey, whether actual pictures or copies. These can be pictures of the jersey from memorable occasions like if it was involved in a championship game. Place these pictures into separate, smaller frames and display them around the jersey. Because you'll only be able to see one side of the jersey, consider taking a picture of the back of the jersey and display this framed picture so you'll have both sides.

With Other Memoribilia

If you have other memorabilia that goes with the jersey then display it in the shadow box. If it is a baseball jersey, place a baseball or glove in the shadow box with it. If you have an autographed piece from the jersey's owner, put this up in the frame too. If you obtained an item like a hockey puck that was used in one of your team's games, place that in the shadow box with your jersey.


Write out or type up descriptions about the jersey that is in the shadow box. Or, have a brass plate made with specific information about the jersey. A brief history about who wore the jersey, accomplishments of the team and important dates can be displayed with the jersey. If you have pictures framed with the jersey, give each one a caption about who is in the picture, when it was taken and a brief description if possible.

Other Tips

If you have a jersey that's signed or is an expensive piece of memorabilia, have it framed by a professional. If you want to get more detailed, get a shadowbox that's frame is the same color as the team's jersey that resides inside. Place the jersey center stage in the shadowbox and use several of the ideas in the previous sections when framing your jersey to tell a story. Keep the background simple and plain so that everything else in the shadowbox stands out.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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