Ideas for Decorating a Locker Room for Basketball

By Marianne Descott

Basketball season is upon you and the locker room is looking particularly dreary. You don’t have to be an interior decorator or a cheer team captain to spruce up the place; all you need are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Decorating the locker room is a memorable team-building activity that will motivate and excite players for the upcoming season. Personalize these ideas and get your players’ input in deciding your locker room’s theme.

Basketballs, Hoops and the Court

Get your team’s mind onto the court. Put down black electrical tape on the floor to look like the lines of the court. Make nets and backboards to hover over your trash cans and laundry baskets so players have one last shot at a dunk before throwing in the towel. Make basketball mobiles out of orange construction paper and string to hang up all around the locker room. Eat, sleep and breathe basketball.


Nothing will inspire your team more than motivational quotes for them to see every day. Michael Jordan, one of the most famous basketball players of all time, said: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen,” according to Vertical Jump Zone. Have each player find a sports-related quote, a quote from a famous basketball player or simply a quote they find encouraging. Each player will then write their quote on large poster board to be hung around the locker room. Players will enjoy discovering their teammates’ quotes and being touched by the words of their heroes.

Team Colors, Mascot

Don’t forget about who your team is and where you come from. Team pride is an important aspect of sportsmanship and can be played up on in locker room decorating. Use your school’s colors, mascot and fight song to help you deck out your digs. Ask the cheerleading team for help in creating basketball-themed cheers that can be put up on the wall. Use window markers to draw your mascot on mirrors and make a life-sized cardboard version of him. If your school doesn’t have a mascot, maybe your team should find one!


Another thing that Michael Jordan said was: “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them,” as published on Vertical Jump Zone. Have each player think about her personal goals for the season and also how achieving those goals will help the team to be successful. Each player will then write down her goals and hang them in or near her locker as a daily reminder. Encourage the players to celebrate they accomplish each goal.

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