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How to Heal Swollen Pimples

Swollen pimples can be painful. Once a swollen pimple emerges from your skin, take a few steps to treat the breakout quickly to reduce the size and inflammation. Use soothing topical applications as part of your treatment 2. Whether you choose natural home remedies or over-the-counter methods, finding the right topical solution can help you recover quickly. If you suffer from severe acne, consider seeing a dermatologist to discuss prescription treatments 2.

Reduce a pimple's redness and swelling quickly by holding an ice cube against the breakout. Apply ice as needed to help get rid of the pain caused by large acne irritations.

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Wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser made with salicylic acid to remove dirt and bacteria that could irritate existing breakouts and create new ones.

Apply a spot treatment made with benzoyl peroxide to treat swollen pimples. Start with a 5-percent benzoyl oxide cream and apply the cream to your pimple once a day. Increase the application to twice a day if you don't see results after a week. Consider moving up to a 10-percent solution if your pimple is still large and swollen after a month.

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See a dermatologist and ask for a prescription-strength topical cream to target swollen pimples. Ask about cortisone injections for large pimples that do not respond to topical treatments.

Avoid irritating acne outbreaks by staying out of the sun. Stay away from oil-based cosmetics or sunscreens to prevent further clogging your pores, which can lead to more swollen pimples.


Do not pick or squeeze swollen pimples. Doing so can lead to scarring.