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How to Crack the Lower Back

How to Crack the Lower Back. Sometimes your lower back feels tight and sore. It feels like it needs to be "cracked." Unless you have a chiropractic appointment at that moment, you might feel the need to crack your lower back yourself. This can sometimes give you temporary relief of any pain you might be feeling--at least until you can make it to a chiropractor.

Loosen the muscles of your lower back by stretching them. If your muscles are too tense, you won't be able to crack your lower back.

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Sit in a chair, preferably with a high back, and place your feet firmly on the floor in front of you.

Twist your upper body at the waist to the right. Grasp the back of the chair with your left hand and twist as far to the right as possible until you feel or hear your lower back crack.

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Repeat this movement to the left. Grasp the chair back with your right hand and turn until you crack your lower back.


If sitting up does not work for you, try lying on your back. Bend your right leg and twist to the left until that knee nearly touches the floor. Repeat with your left leg.


Do not crack your lower back more than twice per day. Overdoing this movement can cause more harm than good. Many chiropractors do not endorse individuals cracking the lower back on their own. It is their opinion that the lower back should only be adjusted by a licensed chiropractor. Never attempt to crack your lower back if you have suffered any type of injury to that area.