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How to Hover on a Spinning Bike

By Contributor

Thanks to Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, cycling has become a popular American sport. When the weather is not ideal, many cyclists practice the sport indoors on stationary bikes, usually referred to as Spin bikes. Once you get the hang of Spinning, you'll definitely want to include hovering in your workouts.

Keep your legs moving at a steady cadence. Establish a 60 percent to 70 percent effort. Move at a quick pace, but don't sprint.

Crouch down into the hover position. Your back should be as flat as possible. Try to make it parallel to the floor.

Move your hands toward the front of the handlebars. Cycling requires your hands to move up and down the bike, depending on where your body is placing the most pressure. Since you are crouched low, extend the hands to the front to stretch the body and release upper arm pressure.

Adjust your backside so it is just above the saddle ("saddle" is cycling speak for a bike seat). If your backside is way in front of the saddle or way behind it, adjust your grasp on the handlebars to position you backside correctly.

Check to make sure your elbows are in. Bike riders have a tendency to let their arms move outward in a hover. Keep the elbows in and the arms tight to maintain proper cycling form.

Face the front and focus. Make sure your head stays up in a hover. Don't lower it to look at the handlebars or crane your neck to look from side to side. Spinning is a simulation of being outdoors. You might hear an instructor say, "Keep your eyes on the road." This is especially important in a hover.

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