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Homemade Exercise Stepper

By Amanda Flanigan

Exercise is a healthy and important part of your life. It keeps you in shape and active and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, exercise equipment or a gym membership can be expensive. With a little creative thinking you can turn many household items into fitness equipment.

Homemade Stair Stepper

You can create your own stair stepper with some old telephone books and glue. Take two telephone books and glue them together. Glue another set of two telephone books together. The first set of phone books is for your right foot, the other set is for your left. You can glue more phone books to each set depending on how high you want the stepper to be. Always glue the same amount of books to each set. Once you have the height that you want, cover the books with an old towel or piece of clothing. This will give the phone books a non-slip covering. Another good covering is a non-slip shelf liner. Cover each set of phone books separately. Before using your new homemade stair stepper, allow the glue to dry for at least a few hours. You can also use duct tape or masking tape to attach the phone books together instead of glue. If you have access to a sturdy milk crate, use that as a stair stepper. Milk crates can be turned into a piece of exercise equipment just by turning them upside down. But you should take care when using milk crates because they can tip to one side if weight is not evenly placed. Step in the center of the crate instead of the sides.

Other Homemade Exercise Equipment

Why pay hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment when your home is filled with items that work just as good as those expensive fitness products? Instead of shelling out the money for hand weights, look in your pantry. Soup cans or other canned foods work well as a substitute. Lifting the cans over your head while using your homemade stair stepper will give you an added element to your exercise routine. Fill empty milk jugs with sand or water and use them instead of lifting weights. Add or remove the water or sand to increase or decrease your resistance level.


Always speak to your primary care physician before beginning any exercise routine.

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