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Homemade Disc Golf Baskets

By Mitchell Holt

Disc golfers build their own disc golf baskets for a number of reasons, but mostly to practice. Building your own target for your backyard is a solid way to work on your short game and stay well-rehearsed when you aren't able to get out to the course, according to the Freeman Park Disc Golf Course website. Here's how to do it.

Making the Top

Buy or cut a circular piece of plywood 26 inches in diameter. Drill 12 holes around the outside of the wood, making sure the holes are 24 inches across from each other. Buy two nuts, one eye bolt and two washers for each of the holes. On either side of each hole should be, in outside-to-inside order, a nut, a washer and the eye bolt (the eye bolt only goes on the bottom). When all 12 eye bolts are on the bottom of the plywood, use pliers to unfold the eye enough to put a link of 26-inch chain through the hole, then bend the eye closed again, securing the chain in place.

Pole Assembly

It's time to attach the circular plywood with its protruding chains to the pole. Fashion brackets out of four 8-inch pieces of flat stock bent to look like big L's. Drill the long side into the pole and the short side into the round plywood. Make sure to use metal screws for the pole and wood screws for the wood. To attach the bottom of the chains to the pole, use climbing carabiners that are each attached to the pole and to one of the chains.

The Basket

You can make your own basket out of household materials or you can simply use a wicker basket with a hole cut in the bottom where you will slide it onto the pole. The basket needs to be at least 7 inches in height and 26 inches in diameter. When you slide the basket onto the pole (use the bottom side), you can fasten it in place with electrical tape, taped on both the top and bottom of the bottom of the wicker basket.

Ready to Play

Keeping your homemade basket cheap is key because it will probably break and most disc golf baskets retail at about $300. That way, according to Freeman Park Disc Golf Course, when it breaks you can build another one. Remember, your first homemade disc golf basket isn't going to be perfect, but it will provide you a way to practice and, after you've built a few of your own, build your own course.

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