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Home Water Aerobics Exercises

By Lori Rice

Water exercises are low impact while also improving cardiovascular health, burning calories and increasing strength. A home swimming pool offers a therapeutic environment for performing water aerobic exercises and creates variety in your standard workout regimen. Whether your pool has a deep end or only a shallow area, there are a variety of movements ideal for water exercise at home.

Cardiovascular Activity

Walking and jogging in a pool with waist-deep water is a simple way to raise the heart rate and increase calorie burn. Move back and forth across the pool, or do the action in place. Change back and forth between moving quickly and moving slowly. Create intensity by bringing the knees up high in the front similar to a march or by kicking the heels back to the buttocks when jogging.

Jumping jacks are also a good cardio activity for the water. Do them just as you would on land, moving your feet and legs together and apart under the water. Your arms can move in the same motion above the water if you have a shallow pool or under the water if you have a deep pool.

Flutter kicks also increase the heart rate while working the lower body. Face the pool wall and grasp the edge in each hand. Extend your legs out behind you allowing them to float on or just below the surface. Keeping your legs close together at the thighs, quickly kick the legs in a fluttering motion.

Strength Training

While all the activities done under the water result in some increase in strength due to the resistance of the water, there are a few exercises you can do that focus on it specifically. With your back to the pool wall, support yourself with extended arms along the pool's edge. Slowly bring your knees into the chest, then extend the legs back out into the water. Repeat this exercise 12 to 15 times to work the abdominals.

Next, stand with the pool wall at your side and use your hand to support you. Slowly do side leg lifts with the outside leg. Move it out into the water with a straight leg and then let it to rest side by side with your standing leg. Repeat this exercise 12 to 15 times, and then switch sides to work the inner and outer thighs.

If you have a deep end in your pool, wall pull-ups are a good exercise for the upper body. Face the wall and grasp the pool edge with each hand. Slowly lower the body toward the water as your arms extend. Next, pull yourself up out of the water, as your head and chin rise, passing the edge of the pool.

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