How to Get a Home Depot Sports Sponsorship

By J. Johnson

Many companies --- both large and small, local and national --- use profits to give out sponsorships for various purposes. For example, you might be looking for a sponsor to help you join a sports team, or you could be looking for a sponsor for the whole team. In either case, you can submit a sponsorship proposal to The Home Depot. This company has a program called the "Sponsorium" where sponsorships are given out to a variety of worthwhile causes.

Visit the "Sponsorium" page of The Home Depot website. This is where you can submit a sponsorship proposal for consideration by going through various steps and filling in requested information.

Describe what you plan to use the sponsorship for. With sports, this could be sponsoring you to join a team, sponsoring a whole team or sponsoring an event for a current team.

Complete a profile on the website. The profile gives information, such as how much you are requesting for sponsorship and when you would like to receive the sponsorship funds.

List who the audience is for your sporting event, if relevant. This information might not be relevant to all sports sponsorships. For example, if you want your team to take a trip, then your teammates would be the audience.

Fill out the general questions posed by The Home Depot. For example, you need to answer questions like: Will you inform anyone that The Home Depot is your sponsor? Will you include The Home Depot's logo on your team shirt or at an event? Will you provide information to the media? In response to all of these types of questions, you have the option to select "Not applicable."

Complete the "Contact Form." This includes your personal contact information, so that The Home Depot can contact you with questions or notify you if you have been accepted into the Sponsorium program.

Type in comments that you would like to add. At this point, you can take the opportunity to thank The Home Depot for considering you or your team for sponsorship or to add more details about what you want The Home Depot to sponsor.

Review all the information you have included in your proposal, and then submit it. The Home Depot asks that you do not contact the company regarding the status of your sponsorship proposal; instead, you should wait to be contacted.


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