How to Hit Irons Consistently Straight

By Hans Fredrick

A strong irons game makes a huge difference in your overall golf score. If you drive short, a great irons game can neutralize the weakness. If you are a poor putter, a great irons game makes sure no shots are wasted getting onto the green. Of course, if your driving and your putts are already strong, then the addition of a great irons game will make you a complete player. Preparation and consistency are the key to a consistently straight iron shots.

Place the ball in the correct position. For your 9-iron and 8-iron the ball should be directly in between your two feet. For shots with a 5-, 6- or 7-iron, put the ball about an inch farther forward. For a 3- or 4-iron, put the ball another inch farther ahead.

Keep your eyes parallel to the target line throughout your swing. If you allow your head to move to the right as you swing, your shoulders will slope and pull your shot out of alignment.

Shift your weight slightly to the front of the swing as you complete it. If your weight stays on the back foot, you won't get the necessary down-force to hit a strong iron shot. Practice this by shooting practice shots with your feet together. This ensures you don't leave your weight on the back foot.

Swing slower. If you reduce the tempo of your swing, you can concentrate on smooth and straight contact rather than trying to power through the shot and risk hooks and slices.

Focus on the club face. The largest impact on a left or right angle on an iron shot is the club face. Keep it as square as possible to the ball to hit iron shots consistently straight.

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