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How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

By Andrew Smith

Hybrid golf clubs are used by many golfers as a replacement for their "long" irons. These clubs are popular because they can be much easier to use than an iron with a small face. If you've never used a hybrid golf club before, however, you may not know how you should swing the club. By using the tips listed below and spending a good amount of time at a local driving range, you can learn the proper way to hit your hybrid golf club.

Begin by positioning yourself correctly. When you hit with a hybrid golf club, you will want to get into your normal stance. The only difference is that the golf ball should be about an inch or two closer to your weak foot (your left foot if you're right handed).

Have a relaxed grip when holding the hybrid golf club. You should grip the club just as you would your long irons. Make sure your hands are not clenched before you begin your backswing.

Start your backswing as you normally would, using a slow and controlled tempo when bringing the club head back.

Make contact with the golf ball at a slightly downward angle. You want to hit down on the golf ball as you would if using one of your long irons. A small divot is fine but if you bring up a large clump of grass when you swing, you are swinging the hybrid at too much of an angle.

Finish your swing by going through the ball after you make contact. This will ensure that the golf ball gets plenty of lift and lands softly on the fairway or green.

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