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How to Hit A Driver

By Contributor

Learning how to hit a driver is a challenge for every golfer. The average driving accuracy for a golf pro on the PGA Tour is only 62 percent. That means the pro's only land their driver-hit shots in the fairway 62 percent of the time! The difference is that when the pro's miss, they don't miss by much. Learning to hit a driver takes practice. You will need to spend a lot of time at the driving range to master your technique. With hard work and proper form, though, you can improve your golf score and enjoy the most frustrating game on earth.

Step 1

Get properly fitted for your club. When you buy a driver, have the golf professional at the golf shop review your swing. They will take your measurements to properly size your club. Having the right club will help your form, accuracy and distance.

Step 2

Place a golf ball on a tee.

Step 3

Take the correct grip. Grip the club in your fingertips, not your palm. Start by griping the club with your lead hand. The club should run diagonally across your finger from the bottom of your pinky to the middle of your index finger. Roll your finger around the club and place your lead hand thumb directly in line with the club.

Next, grip the club with your following hand. Your palm should be facing up and you should be holding the club in your fingertips.

Step 4

Find a specific part of the fairway or driving range that you are aiming for. Having a target will tell you whether your stroke is accurate -- otherwise, you are just hitting the ball. Once you have a target, take your stance.

Step 5

You should be able to draw a straight line between your back toe, front toe and the target. The club face of your golf club should also be facing the target.

Most golfers learning how to hit a driver put the golf ball in the front of the stance. This helps them to hit the ball higher and avoid a slice. Take a balanced stance over the golf ball, knees slightly bent, shoulders even and your head down.

Step 6

Slowly move the club away from the ball, keeping your front arm straight. As you move the club back, keep your front arm straight and bend your back arm. Your hands should come back far enough so that they are as high as your head.

Step 7

Take a balanced steady swing. Keep your front arm straight and return along the same path to make contact with the ball. Keep your head down until you make contact. One of the biggest mistakes golfers make when learning how to hit a driver is taking their eye off the ball before contact. Everyone wants to see where their shot went. Keep your head down, though, or you will find the ball right in front of the tee box.

Step 8

Finish your swing by bringing the club around to the other side of your head in a smooth follow-through. Make a full body turn so that your chest is facing your target.

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