How to Hit a 5 Wood Off the Fairway

By Izzy Barden

The loft of a wood usually dictates how easy it will be to bounce the ball off the club face at impact and get it airborne. Five woods can have a loft angle of 20 to 22 degrees, making them an ideal wood to use on the fairway. This forgiving loft angle, combined with the larger club head of a wood, generate the same force as a long iron but are easier to hit.

Position your feet so that the ball is forward in your stance, usually about 2 to 3 inches behind the instep of your front foot. This will help generate speed and allow you to achieve the full loft angle at the point of impact.

Take the club back with your dominant arm collapsing at the elbow while keeping your other arm as straight as possible.

Cock your wrists at a 90 degree angle midway through your back swing and maintain that angle through impact, only releasing it in your follow through.

Turn your body at your waist, keeping your feet firmly planted. Continue your back swing until the club is over your dominant shoulder. The further you take back the club, the more force it will create at impact.

Begin your down swing by turning your waist back toward the ball, allowing your arms to follow the motion. Remember to maintain that 90 degree wrist angle the whole way.

Make a firm and confident connection with the ball and continue your swing into a follow through. The follow through should be a mirror image of the back swing, straightening your dominant arm this time and collapsing your other arm at the elbow.

Release the angle at your wrist and stop your follow through when it has achieved the same length as your back swing.


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