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What Happens to Pupils When Drinking?

By Susan Revermann ; Updated July 27, 2017

Consumption of alcohol is common worldwide. Several different things happen to you physically, emotionally and psychologically when you are drinking alcoholic beverages. The state and appearance of your eyes can give you away rather quickly. Your pupils appear bigger and slower, and your ability to focus and the redness of your eyes are also apparent.

Pupil Size

The small muscle fibers of the iris are in charge of expanding and contracting, and causes the pupil to look bigger or smaller. Drinking alcoholic beverages will cause your pupils to expand, or dilate.

Slow Pupil Reaction

When light is introduced to a normal functioning eye, the pupil will contract to allow less light to come in. When it is dark, normal eyes dilate to let more light in. These adaptations are quick under normal conditions. Drinking alcohol will slow your pupil reaction time.

Inability to Focus

Alcohol weakens your pupil reaction time, eye muscle coordination and brain functioning. This may cause double or blurry vision. For instance, if you are driving after drinking, your eyes may not be able to focus properly when there are headlights pointing at you from oncoming traffic.

Red Eyes

Your eyes will become dry and red after you start drinking alcohol. This is due to the dilation and expansion of the blood vessels in and around the eye. The redness is due to the expanded size of the blood vessels.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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