How to Hang a Heavy Bag in a Garage

By Danny Donahue

A heavy bag is used to build strength, stamina and boxing technique as well as punching and kicking power without the need for a sparring partner. The bag is suspended from a brace mounted to rafters in the ceiling. An empty corner of your garage is a convenient place to permanently hang your heavy bag so that you have sufficient space to work out without having to worry about obstructions. Hanging your heavy bag in the garage takes only a bit of time and will provide you with years of practice and exercise.

Choose an empty corner of your garage. Rub your stud finder across the ceiling to locate the trusses. Press the power button on the stud finder, hold it firmly against the ceiling and move it slowly across the surface. Watch for the light to come on to indicate the outer edge of the truss above the drywall. Watch for the light to go out to indicate the opposite edge of the same truss. Make pencil marks at the site of each ceiling truss 48 inches from the wall that runs perpendicular to the trusses.

Hold your treated board against the ceiling touching your 48-inch marks. Place the board so that it overlaps two trusses while leaving you 48 inches between the end of the board and the wall running parallel to the ceiling trusses. Attach the board to the trusses by driving three of your 8-inch lag screws through each end of the board and into the trusses with the hex driver on your drill.

Measure the length and width of your treated board with your tape measure in order to locate the exact center of the board. Place an “X” mark at this spot with your pencil. Place the tip of your eye bolt to this spot and twist it into the board mounted to the ceiling.

Attach a snap clip to the eye bolt. Fasten one end of a 12-inch chain onto the snap clip. Attach a second snap clip to the free end of the 12-inch chain hanging from the eye bolt.

Attach a free end from each of your four remaining chains to the snap clip hanging from the garage ceiling. Attach a new snap clip to the end of each of the four dangling chains. Have an assistant lift the bag and hold it in place while you attach a snap clip to each of the four metal grommets at the top of your heavy bag. Lower the bag gently to allow it to hang freely from your mount. Punch, kick and pull on the bag to test the mount.

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