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How to Grip the Racket in Badminton

By Contributor

Before you begin using the proper badminton swings, follow these steps to learn how to hold your racket. Using both the forehand and backhand grips, and being able to switch easily from one to the other, are some of the most valuable skills you'll need.

The Forehand Grip: used to make most overhead shots and shots on the same side of your body as the racket.

Hold the neck of the racket in your left hand (reverse all instructions if you are left-handed).

Hold the racket face perpendicular to the ground.

"Shake hands" with the racket, placing your right hand in the middle of the grip.

Wrap your fingers around the grip, with your thumb on the side of the handle pointing forward toward the head of the racket.

Allow your forefinger and third finger to spread as much as feels comfortable on the grip.

Check to see that the "V" of your thumb and forefinger is on the top notch of your eight-sided handle.

The Backhand Grip: used for shots on the non-racket side of your body.

Start with your hand in the proper forehand grip position (see Section 1), with the racket face perpendicular to the ground and the "V" of your thumb and forefinger on the top of the eight-sided handle.

Slide your hand counter-clockwise on the grip, so the "V" of your thumb and forefinger is over the top-left bevel of the eight-sided grip.

Place the pad of your thumb against the side bevel of the grip, still pointing forward.

Use your thumb to support the racket during your quick drives and deep clears.

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