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Good Luck Goodie Bag Ideas for Football

By Beau Prichard

Goodie bags are a common way for a school to show team spirit and pump up their players before a game. These are care packages made up for the athletes on a team, particularly given to them before away games.


Whether your care package or goodie bag is an actual bag, a tote or a shoebox, it should be decorated. Even a step as simple as paint in team colors will help raise the spirits of the players and show the dedication of the school. However, ribbons, colored tape and stenciled shapes will all go a long way to making your spirit package that much more exciting and encouraging.


Edibles are an essential item for any goodie bag. Baked goods such as brownies or cookies are very popular, but especially for athletes, items more like granola, nutrition bars and health snacks should be encouraged. Other fun touches would include custom fortune cookies with encouraging messages or M&Ms in team colors.


Especially if the goodie bag you are assembling is for a road trip to an away game, keep your athletes hydrated! Bottles of water or flavored hydrating drinks like Gatorade and Vitamin Water can help your team show up with an edge.


Every care package should have a note of encouragement to the individual athlete. If you are doing custom packages for each player, the note should be addressed to the individual and should involve a personal detail. If you are simply making packages for the team, make sure that each note is unique so that each player feels special and singled out.


Team spirit wear, such as scarves, gloves, face paint, stickers and buttons should be made for the whole school, and the goodie bags should include these as well, so the athletes can show school solidarity even before they hit the field for the game.

Personal Items

For big games such as championships and homecoming, you can elevate your spirit packages with personal touches. Even something as simple as a mix CD for each player can be a special touch. However, anything that would be significant to the individual athletes should be considered, such as DVDs, books or clothes. It may not be cheap, but if your goodie bag is for a once-in-a-lifetime event, you should go all the way!

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