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Golf Scope Instructions

By Kimberly Kaplan

The precision aspects of the game of golf involve the swing, the strike of the ball and choosing the proper club. The choice of the club is important because you can easily choose the wrong club based solely on the distance from your ball to the pin. To assist in judging distance from the ball to the pin, golfers use a device called a golf scope. Using the golf scope properly will ensure you are accurately judging the distance and therefore choosing the proper club for your shot.


To improve your score and your confidence, choosing the correct club is paramount. To assist in club selection, it is important to know the yardage from your ball to the pin. The pin is the flag that marks the hole, the ultimate destination for your ball. If a golfer learns how to accurately use and interpret the yardage provided by a golf scope, he may be able to improve his game.


Stand over or next to your ball. Place the scope to your eye and locate the pin by looking through the lens. The lens brings your view of the pin similar to the view from a pair of binoculars (it magnifies what you are looking at). The golf scope has etched rangefinder optics. Line up the base of the pin with the bottom line of the optics. The distance of the flag is denoted in numbers on the golf scope. Make sure you align the scope with the top of the pin (the flag).


Most golf scopes are accurate beginning at a five-yard minimum and up to 200 yards distant. For the most accurate reading, hold the scope as still as possible.

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