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What Is the Best Golf Ball for Players With Slow Swing Speeds?

By Thomas Silvers

Golf is an extremely popular sport for many Americans, even those who are not too good at it. One way for mediocre players to improve is to choose the right golf ball.

Low Compression

A golf ball gets its distance from the amount of compression/rebound inside the ball that is produced based on the speed of the club head connecting with the ball. Players with slower swings are not able to produce much compression. A ball with a low compression means the ball rebounds better off the club, thus providing some of the missing compression in slower swings.


A low compression ball is simply a softer ball with a core that is less dense than a ball with a higher compression. These balls have a compression of 70 to 80 units--higher units mean higher compression and lower units mean lower compression.

Low-end Balls

The Srixon Soft Feel is a very soft ball that provides excellent feel that launches high and reduces spin. They can be found at about $20 a dozen.

Mid-level Balls

The Bridgestone E6+ has a low compression core and mantle (layer of material surrounding the core), which helps reduce spin, especially for nasty hooks and slices. You can buy these excellent balls at $27 a dozen.

High-end Balls

The Bridgestone B330-RX is an advanced ball built after extensive research and development. "Golf Digest" claims it has the "most intriguing ball technology in years." Be prepared to pay $43 a dozen.

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