Golf Practice Net Set Up Instructions

By Patrick Hutchison

Golf is a beloved international sport enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Though it is played for recreation, at times golf can be incredibly frustrating. High speed swings with tiny imperfections can send the ball shooting off in undesired directions. Perfecting a swing takes lots of practice and driving ranges can become expensive. Having a golf practice net at home is a great way to save money while practicing your game. Knowing how to set up your golf practice net is crucial to safe and effective practice.

Assemble the golf practice net by either connecting its poles or uncurling its tensioned frame. Most golf practice nets are made of one flexible support bent into an oval shape with a net stretched over the frame. When stored, they are held together by a strap or band, and setting them up only requires you to unfasten the band. More complicated nets require the assembly of a frame which normally consists of a PVC pipe frame connected to a PVC pipe base.

Position your net in a safe area. Make sure there are no houses, automobiles or people in the area directly behind your net. Though nets are built to catch most balls, some shots may be erratic enough to escape, possibly causing severe damage.

Secure the net by fastening ground stakes to the base. If you are using a surface that is too hard for ground stakes, use a soft, heavy object to weigh down the net, such as a bag of sand or rice.

Place the strip of artificial turf parallel to your practice net at a safe distance. Take your golf stance and extend your arm, with club in hand, toward the net. You should stand close enough that you can almost touch the net with your club. For a more realistic but more expensive option, consider using strips of sod.

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