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How to Goat Tie

By Jenny Carver

Goat tying is a rodeo event using great timing, skill and speed. Almost anyone can learn how to goat tie with enough practice. The rider runs the horse down the arena to a spot where the goat is tied to a long rope. The rider dismounts, runs to the goat on foot, lays the goat down and ties three legs together.

Put one end of the goat string between your teeth while the other end and most of the slack is put into your pocket. Start at the gate of the arena and run straight to the goat. Twenty feet before the goat, swing your right leg over the horse and start to dismount while the horse is still running. After a few runs the horse will learn to slow down when you start to dismount.

Run to the goat and grab the two legs on the opposite side of you. Raise the goat until all feet are off the ground and then lay him down on this side with the feet pointing away from you. Kneel over the goat with your body so he doesn't try to jump up.

Grab the two rear legs and one front leg and bring them together, holding them with the left hand. Using your right hand, grab the goat string from your pocket and make two wraps around the goats ankles, binding the three legs together. Keep the other end of the string between your teeth.

After the two wraps, bring the end of the string around the piece that is coming from your mouth. After the second wrap lay your left hand right behind the string coming from your mouth and in the path of the wrap. As you go to make another wrap stop after the wrap goes across your hand. Using the thumb of the left hand, reach back and hook it around the string coming from your mouth. At this time you are just holding the string in your right hand still. Let go of the string from your mouth and pull it with your left hand thumb towards you, under that last wrap that you made.

Take both ends of the string in each hand and pull straight out each direction to tighten the string as much as possible. After tightening the string, let go and throw both hands straight out. This ends your time.

Stand up and back away from the goat. You will wait five seconds to see if the goat gets loose. If it does, you will be disqualified. After the time is up, you can untie the goat and return to your horse to leave the arena.

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