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How to Glue Golf Shoes

By Denise Nyland

Just when you finally have your best golf shoes broken-in, you notice that they are beginning to look a little shabby. Knowing how your equipment affects your handicap, you try to squeeze just a few more miles out of your golf shoes before starting over with a new pair. Inspect your golf shoes to determine if they can be repaired by mortal means. If the shoes are worn out to the point that they no longer provide support and comfort, their retirement is imminent. If, on the other hand, the shoes have a portion of the sole that has separated from the shoe, a toe cap with a torn seam, or a foot bed liner that won't stay in place, you can probably do the repairs yourself. With the right glue and some simple tools, you can revive your old golf shoes to last at least another season.

Clean the areas in need of repair. With a small brush, remove any sand or loose debris. Use scissors to clip fraying threads. Wipe the areas that will be glued with cleaning solution, then rinse to remove residue. Dry thoroughly.

Rough up, with a wire brush, any particularly smooth or slick areas to which glue will be applied. This is an important step, as it will increase surface area and enhance the adhesive ability of the glue.

Read the manufacturer's instructions for using the glue. Apply glue to both surfaces to be bonded. Typically, flexible glue is allowed to dry for a few moments before bringing the shoe parts together for bonding.

Bring the glued surfaces together quickly and accurately. Manipulate the outer surface with your fingers to remove any glue bubbles and to adjust the position of the quickly bonding shoe parts. Some very strong glues do not permit repositioning. Clean residual glue from the shoe immediately.

Secure the bonding parts of the shoe in place by applying masking tape. This step may be unnecessary if you are using fast-acting glue. Allow the glue to dry, then remove the tape.

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