What Is a Glucose Standard Curve?

iJeffrey Hamilton/Lifesize/Getty Images

A glucose standard curve is a method of monitoring blood glucose over a period to identify patterns and peaks in glucose levels. Understanding regular glucose levels can help isolate medical conditions and promote the success of treatment plans.


Glucose standard curves track the changes in glucose levels over time and map any spikes or lows in readings.


Create a glucose standard curve by testing blood glucose levels over a predetermined period. Chart the results and draw a graph line to connect each charted point. The resulting line is the glucose standard curve for that period.


A glucose standard curve can identify the presence of a glucose tolerance problem in the early stages. For an insulin-dependent diabetic, glucose standard curves identify peak times on insulin, the effect of foods on blood glucose and the effectiveness of insulin dosages.


The glucose standard curve identifies trends in glucose levels to isolate glucose intolerance and the identify the success of diabetic insulin therapy.


When charting a glucose standard curve, it is important to note any variations in normal routines. Additions of new medications or the introduction of a new food can drastically affect the chart and need to be considered in reviewing the results.