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How to Get Your Woman to Wrestle Another Woman

By Lisa Mooney

Many men fantasize about the possibility of wives or girlfriends engaging in physical combat with other women. Whether it is serious competition or theater involving mud or gelatin, women wrestling each other is an exciting event. Men who want their women to engage in this type of show must be able to make the prospect enticing to their lovers.

Appeal to your woman's desire to be a "star." Talk to her about the prospect of being in the limelight as she shows her stuff against other women in a one-on-one exhibition. Describe how the crowd will roar, the spotlight will shine and she will reign as queen in the arena surrounded by her subjects as she performs.

Lure your lady into wrestling with the enticement of a little cash. Everyone loves making money on the side. Many wrestling events sponsored by nightclubs and other organizations have monetary prizes for the winners and best performers. Some of the cash prizes can be quite a chunk of change and might be quite tempting to women who would like a little extra outside of the regular 9 to 5 job.

Flatter your love in regard to her physical assets. If your woman prides herself on fitness and health, tell her this is a wonderful way of showing off all that hard work. Most likely she will be performing in a skimpy bikini or other flesh-revealing outfit that will showcase those taut muscles and tight abs. Encourage her to display her hard body in all its glory.

Prompt her to live out her revenge fantasies. Get her talking about that girl who bullied her in school or the female co-worker who tries to trump her at every turn. Tell her to take out her frustration in the ring against another woman, who she can picture having her rival's face. She'll get to let off much steam and you'll be the winner.

Ply her with some liquor. Don't get her falling-down drunk but do encourage her to get her buzz on. Pick the most opportune time (like an hour before a show) and then get her to sign up for a contest while she's still feeling really good. Liquid courage may be just what she needs to get going on a new adventure.

Beg her to do it. That's right, when all else fails, get on your knees and plead with her. Explain to her that this is your ultimate fantasy and only she can fulfill it to your satisfaction. Tell her you love her and ask her to do this one little thing simply because she loves you.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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