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How to Get Tickets to the Men's NCAA Final Four

By Craig Berman

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four is one of the premier events in sports. Every school that gets that far had to qualify for the NCAA Tournament based on a grueling regular season and conference tournament, and then win at least four games in the tournament to be one of the final teams standing. Witnessing the games in person requires advance planning, a lot of cash, and perhaps some luck as well.

General Applicants

Fans can request to purchase tickets from the NCAA online, with the governing body accepting up to 20,000 applications. Each household may submit one application, and a credit card is required. The card is charged once the submission is accepted, for the price of the tickets plus a $20 processing fee that covers an official game program and shipping and handling. A random selection process determines which applicants get the tickets. The others are given a full refund for the price of the tickets, but not the processing fee.

Schools and Sponsors

Another option for those wishing to attend the Final Four is the individual schools. Each team that makes it that far receives an allotment of tickets to the event. Generally these go to big donors and only season ticket-holders have the opportunity to purchase them, but there’s always a chance some will become available, particularly for alumni. The organizing committee and host venue also receive an allotment of tickets, as do tournament sponsors.

Resale Market

The secondary market always has tickets for sale – at a price. The cost of tickets available for resale depends on the venue and the popularity of the teams in the field, but expect to pay far more than face value for these seats.

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