How to Get Recruited by a College Baseball Team

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Getting recruited by an NCAA Division I college baseball program is one of the more difficult things to do as a high school athlete, because there are so many players and just 11.7 scholarships per team. Catching the eye of a collegiate baseball team starts with your taking the initiative to contact coaches.

Compile a list of all the schools with baseball programs and academic programs that fit your needs. Don't limit yourself to NCAA Division I programs. There are a lot of good baseball programs in the lower NCAA divisions and in the NAIA ranks.

Have your parents or baseball coaches create a highlight video documenting both your high school and travel baseball career. This is going to be your main selling tool.

Compose a brief letter to each coach telling him how much you like the style of that particular college team and how much you'd like to be recruited. Include any awards and accolades you have won throughout your baseball career.

Attend both national and collegiate team camps to make sure coaches get to see you in action live. Also, make sure you play for a travel baseball squad that competes in all the major showcase tournaments both in your state and around the country.

Invite coaches to watch you play and ask to come to campus for a visit. Be sure to define whether the visit is official or unofficial. If a school is recruiting you, they might invite you for an official visit, but remember, you only get five of those if you're thinking of attending an NCAA sanctioned school.

Apply for NCAA eligibility with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse. You cannot play NCAA collegiate athletics without being cleared.

Await a scholarship offer. Don't accept the first one unless it's your dream school. Wait for several offers to come in and then weigh the pros and cons to determine which school is the best for you.

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