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How to Get an AMA Pro Supercross License

By Scott Larkin

The AMA, or American Motorcyclist Association, presides over 80 professional events each year. Supercross events are held on dirt tracks (at football and baseball venues) and consist of cycle racers dodging obstacles and scaling jumps. The majority of AMA supercross riders come from the amateur circuit. As in most other sports, riders must excel in the amateur circuit before they are granted an AMA Pro Supercross license.Maybe you have given thought to getting your AMA Pro Supercross license. Not so fast. You must accomplish one of these six steps (as outlined by the AMA) before you are awarded your pro card.

Make sure that you are at least 16 years of age before you attempt to gain your pro license. You also must have an amateur "A" or "Expert" ranking before you even think about applying.

Earn "100 'A/Expert' class advancement points in the AMA Thundercross Championship Series and/or the AMA National Arenacross Series" in addition to the requirements in step 1. Remember that you must earn the 100 "A/Expert" points in one continuous season, and not over the course of two or three seasons.

Win three "AMA National Arenacross main events" if you wish to skip the requirements in step 2. For those who have had a less-consistent season, this is the easiest step to accomplish.

Keep trying if you've had trouble winning three AMA National Arenacross main events. If you finish "in the top 5 overall" for the season, you can gain your AMA Pro Supercross license.

Place in the top third "in the Loretta Lynn’s 250A, 125A, 250 or 125 Pro Sport classes." The races take place on the country music star's public ranch.

Submit a "Motocross and Supercross Eligibility Questionnaire" if you are unsure if you meet any of these requirements. In special cases, a rider's past accomplishments will be enough to gain pro status.

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