Fun Tennis Drills for Groups

By Sheri Lamb

Private tennis lessons can cost a lot of money, but you can save some cash when joining group lessons, which will require you to complete drills designed for multiple players. Group tennis drills are often fast-paced, a lot of fun and they give you the opportunity to play against players with various skill levels and styles.


During a group warm-up, a player can stand on one side of the court while two lines are formed on the other end. The single player hits a ball to one of the lines and then the other player makes a return shot. She then serves up another ball for her and she returns a shot when closer to the net. She serves up a final ball for her, which is in the air for her to hit an overhand volley.


One player sits between the two boxes at the "T" in "Bobsled," which can be played by up to 12 players. A line is formed at each end of the court. A player at the side of the net tosses a foam ball to a member of one of the lines. A player from each line then rallies, and the player on the opposite court to the person sitting in the middle attempts to hit her with the foam ball. Whoever shoots the ball out of bounds or into the net has to join the people sitting in the middle.


Up to eight people can participate in "Triples," which teaches players how to move into position in front of the net after a player's serve. The drill starts by a player serving the ball underhand -- this is quicker than overhand because of the risk of the ball hitting the net or going out of bounds. She then runs toward the net to attack the return. Each side of the net has two players who rotate after each serve.

Cross Court

A line is formed at the bottom left or right of each baseline. The initial shot is cross court to the opposite side of the line on the other side of the court. The players then rally until the ball is hit into the net or goes out of bounds. Each player then runs to the line on the opposite side of the net to get ready for their next return.


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