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How to Get Front Row Tickets at WWE Events

By Heather Topham Wood

If you are a wrestling fan and want to attend a WWE event, then you probably want to get the best seats possible. Front-row WWE seats allow you to see all of the action up close and may even allow you to appear on television if the event is being televised. Although WWE front row tickets are difficult to find, you can sometimes get luckily and secure them by trying a few different techniques until you find success.

Start off on Ticketmaster. If you want to get front-row seats, you are going to have to research the WWE event before the tickets go on sale. Set a reminder for the date and time when the tickets are available.

Log on to Ticketmaster at least 10 minutes before the WWE tickets go on sale. Keep refreshing the event page until the tickets go live. Quickly choose the best available seat options, quantity and fill in the captcha box. If you were one of the first to log on, you may be offered the chance to purchase front-row WWE seats.

Contact independent brokers of WWE tickets. Many ticket brokerage firms will snatch up the best tickets to events. You can check out the pricing and availability of front-row WWE tickets through the online broker Front Row King.

Try an auction or classified site to find front-row WWE tickets. On sites like Craigslist, you can negotiate the price with the seller for his front-row WWE seat tickets. On eBay, you will bid on a seller's tickets.

Join a WWE fan club. Fan clubs offer many special promotions, such as presale tickets or contests that award the winner with ringside WWE tickets. WWE fan clubs are independently owned and operated since the WWE does not have an official fan club.

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