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Rules for Frisbee Golf

By Aaron Reynolds

Frisbee golf is an entertaining game that is especially popular in college. The game is designed and built much like actual golf, only a Frisbee is your ball, or disc, of choice. The game is very fun in a small group.

Think Targets, not Holes

When you think of golf, you probably think holes, right? Well in Frisbee golf, think targets. It's hard to fit a disc into a hole, so targets are what you aim for. These targets look like mesh buckets, which you must land the Frisbee into to score.


The length and number of targets on the course can differ. Usually you can expect between nine and 18 targets. Start on the first hole and work your way forward numerically.

Starting Point

The course and each hole will appoint a starting spot. Usually this is simple--where the sign with the number sits. Do not pass that spot, and take turns lofting your first Frisbee throw forward.

Par and Scoring

Par is the number of throws each hole estimates before you reach the target. For example, if the first hole is "Par 3" and it takes four throws to reach the target, you now stand at +1 par. Two throws and you stand at -1 par.


The winner is the Frisbee thrower with the lowest score. If you finish the course under par (in negatives), you did an outstanding job. At par, you still did great. Over par (positives), you still have some work to do.

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