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How to Get Free Tickets at Baseball Games

By braniac

The great American pastime is still baseball, as indicated by having more professional games than other professional sports and by being the most family friendly (steroids excluded). If you like to go to professional baseball games from time to time, there is a way to obtain free tickets to the games on a regular basis.

Arrive at the home game you want to go to at least an hour prior to the game starting. A lot of season ticket holders arrive early to the games so that they can comfortably in their seat prior to the game starting. Season ticket holders often will have extra tickets because they usually purchase more than one seat and everyone will not come to every game. They will often ask a person who is standing near the will call area if they need a ticket. The season ticket holder will usually give you the ticket.

Wear as much home team attire as you can (baseball cap, jersey). Season ticket holders are avid fans. They will usually approach a person who appears to be an avid fan as well when they are seeking to give away tickets.

Smile a lot. Usually you will be sitting next to the person who gave you the ticket. They are more likely to approach you and give you a ticket if you have a pleasant demeanor and appear approachable.

Be prepared to wait up to an hour after a game has started. Often times, season ticket holders will try to give or sell tickets prior to the game. If they can't unload the tickets prior to the game or shortly after the game has begun, they will likely give the tickets away to ensure the seat is filled.

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