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Football Face Paint Ideas

By Barbie Carpenter

Support your football team on game day by painting your face in your team's colors. By painting your face, everyone will know which team you're rooting for. You can write words or numbers or take advantage of a friend's artistic talents and paint a football-inspired image on your face. This bold look will make it clear to everyone in the stadium that you're a rabid fan.

Favorite Player

If you have a favorite player, express your support for him with your football face paint. You can write his number on your face---for example, if the #15 quarterback is your guy, paint a "1" on one cheek and a "5" on the other. Choose paint colors that match your team's colors. You can also write the player's last name on your forehead to mimic the look on the back of his jersey. Get a friend to paint his name and number on your face.

Team Slogan

Cheer on your football team by painting the team's slogan right on your face. For example, the New Orleans Saints use the phrase "Who Dat," while the University of Texas Longhorns fans say "Hook 'Em." Paint your team's slogan on your face in its colors---you can paint them on your cheeks or forehead, or you can add a word or two in each spot if your phrase has several words. Consider painting your entire face in one color and the slogan in another---for example, New Orleans Saints fans can paint their face gold and write "Who Dat" in black.


Transform your face into your team's mascot with the help of an artistic friend. This face paint idea works especially well if your team has an animal or human mascot. For example, if your mascot is a bulldog, paint your face white and add a few spots and wear a dog nose to transform yourself into the mascot. If your team is the Vikings, paint your face with war paint in your team's colors, and dress like a Viking to accentuate your face paint.

Football Image

Choose a football-themed image to paint on your face. You can paint your face like a football---use brown paint to cover your face, and include white to indicate the stitching down the middle of your face. You can use green and white paint to turn your face into a football field complete with hash marks, or use yellow to paint goal posts directly onto your face.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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