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How to Fold Treadmills

By Contributing Writer

Exercise is very important for a person’s health. Luckily, with the convenience of exercise machines, people can work out in the privacy of their own homes. One such machine is a treadmill. This device is often designed so you can easily pull it out and easily put it away. Read on to learn how to fold treadmills.

Press the buttons meant to release the latches on the treadmill. On folding treadmills, there are buttons or levers on the sides of the track part of treadmill below the area near the monitor. By pressing these buttons or lifting the levers, the track of the treadmill is released.

Raise the treadmill. Once you have release the track part of the treadmill, you can move it up and down. Move this part upward towards the monitor.

Listen for the click. For most treadmills, the bottom part will click into place when you raise it up to its highest point. If you don’t hear a click, check to see if there are other levers to hook onto the treadmill to hold it up.

Tilt the entire thing back. Folding treadmills have two wheels on the front so that they are easier to maneuver around your house. Once you have folded the treadmill, tilt the machine so that the wheels are activated.

Wheel the treadmill to storage. The point of a folding treadmill is to take up less space and make for easy storage. Once you have folded it, use the wheels to move it to whatever part of your house you would like to keep it for the time being.

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