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How to Fold Nordic Track Treadmills

By James Clark

A Nordic Track Treadmill is a popular brand of free-standing exercise equipment, featuring programmable speeds and resistance levels. The equipment takes up a fair amount a floor space while in use, so Nordic designed the treadmill to fold vertically for closet storage. Follow these steps to fold and store your Nordic Track.

Fold the Track

Adjust the treadmill incline to the lowest position to prevent damage when you lift it.

Bend down and grasp the back of the treadmill about one foot in from the back edge on either side and lift slowly toward the control console and handlebars. Although Nordic Track Treadmills are equipped with a shock absorber underneath (a feature called the AirLight™ Lift Assist) to help raise the treadmill, Nordic Track's consumer information service notes that you must be able to lift at least 45 pounds.

Raise the treadmill vertically until the latch knobs underneath the treadmill lock into the storage position. Verify visually that the knobs are locked and the unit is ready for storage.

Tip the unit back on the wheels underneath the control console and wheel to a storage space.

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