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Float Ideas for a Sports Parade

By Joshua Bailey

Parades are cherished events, bringing communities together to celebrate and honor something or someone special. There are many different themes for parades, a sports parade being one of the most common. Usually, the sports parade celebrates a big win.

Baseball Floats

Whether it be a professional sport or your Little League team, baseball can draw a crowd for a parade. For baseball float ideas, think about the team mascot, a staple in the game of baseball. What better way to honor your mascot than to build a float resembling him? You need to start with a base -- usually a vehicle or trailer -- and build a framework around it. You can use Styrofoam boards and paint the mascot on the boards, or you can go a step further and build a model of your mascot with papier-mâché. Say your mascot is a grizzly bear. You can build the base around stacked boxes, use wooden beams inside for the arms and legs, cover it in papier-mâché, and paint it to look like the real thing. When you drive around with that on your vehicle, your sports float will certainly stand out.

Football Floats

What can be more effective than to make your entire float a football? You can use a golf cart as your vehicle and build the football framework around it. Instead of papier-mâché, try using large rubber balls and gluing them together in the shape of a football. Paint the whole thing brown, and use ace-bandages as the stitching on the ball. Not only will the bandages make the football look more realistic, but they flow with the football theme of getting hurt on the field. You could have someone pop out of the top of the football, throwing T-shirts and candy to the crowd.

Volleyball Floats

This could be the most fun float out there. Use a truck with an open bed. Fill the bed with sand and set up a volleyball net. Decorate the rest of the truck in your teams colors and symbols, then have two of your team players in the back of the truck passing the ball back and forth. It is more than just a float. It is something the people at the parade can actually watch and enjoy. You could also toss pairs of inexpensive flip-flops or whistles to the crowd. Whistles relate to the volleyball theme, and the crowds will feel like they're participating in the parade.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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