How to Flip Someone Over Your Shoulder

By Christopher Michael

Judo means the gentle or yielding way. This martial arts technique uses an attacker's body weight and energy against him, bringing him to the ground to be immobilized. You can use a judo arm throw, otherwise known as a hip toss, to throw an opponent over your shoulder. Get a proper grip on your attacker's upper body and then slam him with fierce footwork and leverage.

Step 1

Face your attacker, squaring up your chest and hips with his.

Step 2

Use your left hand to grab the top of his left arm around the elbow joint. Keep his left arm raised out in front of him.

Step 3

Shoot your right hip. Step your right foot toward his left foot and dart your right arm underneath his raised left arm, turning your back to his chest. Bend your right arm to grab the back of his left shoulder with your entire palm.

Step 4

Step backwards with your left foot, turning away from him completely by putting your butt into his groin and pivoting on your right foot.

Step 5

Bend at your knees to absorb his body weight, stick your butt back into his body and violently lean your chest forward, pulling down with your arms. Your hips will act as a fulcrum, propelling his body up and over your back and shoulders.

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