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How to Flatten Stomach With Exercise

By Greyson Ferguson

Working out to strengthen your body is tough work, but then if it wasn't, everyone would be in supermodel shape. If you are looking to flatten your stomach, diet alone will only get you so far. Exercise is a key part to staying thin and looking great. Of course not all exercises are created equal. Some will burn calories, while others will strengthen your muscles. To flatten your stomach and show off a prominent six pack, you need both types of exercise.

Beginning slowly is important if you haven't worked out or exercised in a while. You do not want to hurt yourself by suddenly throwing yourself into exercise. Walking a few miles every day is a good warm up for the first few weeks. Keep a slow pace with minimal stress. This can be done just about anywhere.

Perform a cardio exercise routine at least two times a week. This can be either jogging, riding a bike, swimming or following a workout video. Make sure to stretch before performing any of these activities. These activities must last at least twenty minutes long so your heart rate can sustain an increased level, which will help you burn calories faster. Of course the longer you jog or bike the more calories you will burn.

Lift weights on the days between performing your cardio exercise. Not only will this strengthen your body's muscles but will burn calories during and after your workout because while using weights, your muscle fiber will tear. Afterward while your body is resting, your muscles will repair themselves, which uses calories. Perform sets for large muscles groups, such as your butt, thighs, chest and back. These are some of the largest muscle groups in the body and will burn the most calories. The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose.

Perform crunches and other ab exercises. Despite what infomercials and other agencies say, it is impossible to target a specific area for weight loss. Your body controls this and you can't adjust it. However, performing ab work outs will strengthen the muscles, and once you have a flatter stomach you will be able to see the protruding ripples of the abdominal muscles.

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