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How to Make Flag Football Belts

By Alan Kirk

Football can be a violent game. To reduce some of the violence, some players choose to play flag football instead. In flag football, the goal is to "tackle" the player by removing a portion of the belt he wears during the game. Flag football belts can be purchased, but they can be made at home for a significantly lower cost. All you need is some cloth and Velcro to create your own flag football belt.

Measure 1 foot from the end of each 50-inch cloth strip. Mark this with a pen.

Place the edge of your adhesive Velcro strip on this mark, and extend it away from the closest end of the cloth strips. This will form your belts that you will use during the flag football game.

Cut a strip of the Velcro into a 2-inch-wide piece. Attach this piece of Velcro at one end of the yellow cloth strip.

Attach the two pieces of Velcro together--the one on the belt and the one on the yellow cloth strip. Do this for two yellow cloth strips for each belt, so each belt has two of these yellow "flags" attached.

Decorate the yellow strips however you wish for your flag football team. Decorate them in a common theme for each of the members of your flag football team.

Wrap the 50-inch cloth strip around your waist, and tie it using the two ends to secure it. Make sure that both yellow flags are attached to the Velcro--one on your left side and one on your right side.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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