How to Fix a Punctured Football

By Sarah Morgan

American football as we know it was regulated and codified by Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Rutgers and Princeton. The game is a 19th century variant of both rugby and soccer. Footballs are made of leather, high-quality rubber or plastic materials, or a combination of the materials. You can fix a punctured football in a few simple steps, and have the ball back in play in a matter of minutes. Keep a football repair kit with you at all times, to ensure your game never needs to called due to a punctured football.

Step 1

Immerse your football in a bucket of water and turn it slowly. Look for the place where a steady stream of small air bubbles is emerging from your ball. This is where the football is punctured.

Step 2

Fill your repair syringe with ball sealant. Insert the tip of the syringe into the ball valve. Depress the syringe, emptying its contents into the ball.

Step 3

Insert your football pump tip into the ball valve. Pump a few times to replace any lost air in the ball. Pound the ball vigorously against a grassy patch of ground. Focus your pounding specifically on the area where your ball has been punctured.

Step 4

Continue with your game, as the ball is repaired and ready for use.


About the Author

Sarah Morgan has been a copywriter since 2008 and has written hundreds of articles for various websites and blogs, including work for the Couple's Institute and Caney Technology. Morgan has a degree in practical ministry from FIRE school of ministry in Charlotte, NC.

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