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How to Fix a Pitching Machine

By Contributor

Practicing baseball or softball can be difficult without access to batting cages or friend who likes to shag the ball. Owning a pitching machine can be a real joy. However, pitching machines, like all things with moving parts can break down. Read on to learn a few simple techniques to fix your pitching machine.

Maintain your pitching machine to prevent problems in the future. Proper oiling and stowing your machine eliminates most future problems. Change the belts as wear starts to show and understand the life expectancy of your pitching machine--it may just be time to get a new one.

Troubleshoot the cause of the machine's problem. Replace the machine's generator if it's malfunctioning. Purchase the generator recommended by the manufacturer to be sure it works properly with your specific pitching machine.

Look over the pitching machine for obvious problems, dents, missing parts or bent frame. Turn on the pitching maching and listen for unusual noises from the engine. Make a note of anything out of the ordinary.

Clean the tire with 40 grit sandpaper. When the baseballs are jamming or flying errantly inspect the tire. Correct this problem and the balls are thrown smoothly for batting practice.

Contact the pitching machine's manufacturer. Ask about a qualified repair center in your area. Discuss any replacement parts you may need. You may still be under warranty, so parts may be covered.

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