How to Fix the Nordic Track C1800i

By WayneC

Walking or running on a treadmill is a popular way to exercise, but there is always the possibility that you may encounter problems while using one. NordicTrack's C1800i treadmill is no exception. Some of the problems you may encounter include the treadmill not starting, the walking belt performing slowly, the walking base being off-center and the incline not working properly. There are steps that you can take to try and solve these issues before you have the treadmill professionally repaired.

Check the treadmill's power cord if the machine does not start. If the treadmill is not plugged in or is loose, securely plug it into an electrical socket. If it is plugged in and still does not start, check that the emergency stop key is plugged into the main console. The emergency stop key is the flat, plastic key that fits into the rectangular indent on the bottom of the main console. If this key is removed, you won't be able to start the treadmill (and if it is removed during operation, the treadmill will automatically slow to a stop.) If the key is loose or not plugged in, securely plug it in. If the key is properly inserted and the treadmill still does not start, check the on/off circuit breaker on the treadmill's frame (the breaker is near the power cord.) If it is set to "Off," the circuit breaker has tripped. Wait about five minutes, then set it back to "Reset." If the treadmill still does not run, it needs to be professionally repaired.

Remove the key from the main console and unplug the treadmill if the walking belt moves too slowly when you walk on it. Find the rear roller adjustment bolts (on the back of the walking platform) and, using the Allen wrench that came with the treadmill, turn both bolts counter-clockwise 1/4 of a turn. Try to lift the walking belt. If the bolts are properly tightened, you should be able to lift the belt 3 to 4 inches off the platform. When the bolts are properly tightened, plug the treadmill in and put the key back in place.

Remove the key and unplug the treadmill if the walking belt is off-center. If the walking belt is shifting left, take the Allen wrench and turn the left-rear roller bolt 1/2 of a turn clockwise. If it is shifting right, use the Allen wrench to turn the right-rear roller bolt 1/2 of a turn counter-clockwise. Do not over-tighten the bolt, however.

Press and hold both of the incline buttons (with the key plugged into the main console) if the treadmill's incline does not change correctly when CDs and videos are played. When the incline begins to change, remove the key. Wait for a few seconds, then re-insert the key. The treadmill will rise to its maximum incline level, then lower back to its minimum level. This re-calibrates the incline. You can order CDs and videos online and connect them to either your VCR (for videos) or CD player (for CDs) and then to your treadmill. Once hooked up to the video or CD, the treadmill automatically adjusts its speed and incline based on a pre-programmed workout routine presented on the video or CD.


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