How to Fix Bubbles in a Surfboard

By Christina Shepherd McGuire

Surfboard damage is unavoidable for avid surfers. With equipment that is both fragile and expensive, combined with the harsh elements of the sun and salt water, it's beneficial to learn surfboard repair. Dings can occur while taking your board on and off your rig, wiping out on rocks and reefs or running your ride up on sandbars. These dings cause delamination bubbles that allow your board to take on water. You have a choice. Hop on your bike and ride down to your local shop for a repair, which can be time-consuming and expensive or outfit yourself with a ding repair kit and increase your self-reliance.

Dry out your ding completely in the sun.

Remove the damaged fiberglass around the bubble by cutting it out with a box cutter or removing it with your Dremel.

Sand the entire area to be repaired. Wipe off the dust.

Cut the fiberglass cloth to cover the ding area.

Mix the resin in a cup with your Popsicle stick.

Fill the bubble with resin, taking care to cover the entire damaged area. Cover the filled hole with the fiberglass cloth.

Allow the patch to cure in the sun.

Sand the area flush after it is completely cured.

Buff out your repair with fiberglass restorer or rubbing compound.

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